Simposium JFFE 2022

JFFE 2022: Tracing the Festivals of the Past, Present, and Future

Yogyakarta, 24 November 2022 – The first day of the Jogja Festivals Forum & Expo (JFFE) 2022 on Thursday (24/11) was held in a hybrid manner at Pendopo Royal Ambarrukmo. The JFFE 2022 series of programs begins with a symposium program entitled "Festival in Past, Present, and Future" which raises lessons from the past, current conditions, and the future potential of the festival.

The symposium is filled by three experts who will each present their knowledge of various aspects of the festival. The three experts invited consisted of Dr. Restu Gunawan as Director of Development and Culture of the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture, Rizky Handayani as Deputy for Tourism Products and Implementation of Activities for the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, and Dian Lakshmi Pratiwi as Head of the Yogyakarta Special Region Culture Office. This symposium session is moderated by Alia Swastika who will direct experts in discussing various issues related to the festival.

The speaker had the opportunity to convey strategies, obstacles, challenges, and the current state of the festival's legal umbrella. This explanation is important because the festivals feel they really need clarity regarding the government's role in supporting the festival in the midst of technological developments and an increasingly advanced era. As a driving force for a sustainable creative economy, festivals are an area that should be supported holistically by all relevant stakeholders.

At the 2022 JFFE symposium, Dr. Restu Gunawan explained the topic "Festival as a Cultural and Educational Movement". This is in line with the Ministry of Education and Culture's program of free learning and independent culture which is a space for collaboration between all parties. Not only as an economic driver, festivals can also be present as an educational medium and a driving force in the socio-cultural aspects. “For some people, globalization is still seen as a threat, not an opportunity. In fact, we should be confident that we are able to enter the world festival,” said Dr. Restu Gunawan as Director of Development and Culture of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia.

Dr. Restu Gunawan explained how festivals can have an impact on the world of education. He explained that learning is not only carried out in class, but can also be done outside. Culture and education can be a symbiosis of mutualism to improve the quality of Indonesian education. The presence of a cultural festival that can be enjoyed by the whole community can make students more creative and innovative.

Presenting a topic entitled "World Festival Destination and Global Connection", Rizki Handayani as the second speaker revealed that the Yogyakarta ecosystem has so far supported the formation of a festival city. Festivals and cultural events have succeeded in boosting the economy, both at the regional and national levels. This happens because the visits of tourists who attend are also influenced by the festivals and events that are held.

Rizki Handayani also revealed that festivals can be perceived as tourist attractions and branding a destination. This will have a good impact on the economy, socio-culture, and education. In this case, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy has also played a role as a supporter, promoter and driver of the development of regional, national and international festivals/events.

"Yogyakarta has extraordinary collaboration between stakeholders and the government to advance the festival. Yogyakarta is an example of a branding destination that has become a city of festivals. This should be followed by other regions.

Rizki Handayani, Deputy for Tourism Products and Organizing Activities, Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy

Dian Lakshmi with her material entitled "Yogyakarta Cultural Roots as Festival Inspiration" stated that Yogyakarta's cultural values ​​are Javanese cultural values ​​which are characterized by a diverse spirit of actualization. This is the value system that is used as an orientation in the creative behavior of art and festival activists in Yogyakarta. Cultural roots are something that the people of Jogja will never leave behind and will always be reflected in the various works that are created.

"All cultures in Yogyakarta will be centered in Hamemayu Hayuning Bawana with harmony between humans and humans, humans and God, and humans and nature."

Dian Lakshmi Pratiwi SS, M.A., Head of the Provincial Cultural Agency of the Special Region of Yogyakarta

The presentation of material from the three experts strengthens the view that festivals are something that is actually continuous with the creative behavior of society. Strongly rooted in the existing culture, has a direct impact on the surrounding environment, and has the potential to elevate Indonesia to the realm of foreign countries. Seeing the positive impact in various fields, Jogja Festivals through JFFE 2022 is expected to continue to be the main supporter of the first festival ecosystem in Indonesia.

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