Cellsbutton, Yogyakarta International Media Arts Festival

Organized By : HONF
Since : 2007
Email : house@natural-fiber.com
Phone : -
Website : http://www.cellsbutton.honf.org/
Office : Jalan Nitiprayan No.139 Jomegatan, Bantul, Yogyakarta
Sosmed :

Cellsbutton is a way of introducing a new concept and perspective on art and technology to the cultural framework of Indonesia. The festival intends to relate this to both national and international developments within the field of new media arts. The festival aims to link this with national and international developments in the field of new media arts.

Education will be Cellsbutton's main focus. Digital technology offers many creative possibilities, in everyday life as well as in artistic and cultural practice. So far, extensive investigations into the potential of this technology in Indonesia - and the Yogya context - have been scant. Therefore, the aim of the Education Focus Program is to establish relationships and interactions between the public, creators and artists with an interest in new media. One of the innovative goals is to create links between universities with expertise in technology and media/theoretical artists who are interested in new media arts and technologies. With this, we try to strengthen interest and technology analysis; For the development of artistic production and theory.