What is Jogja Festivals Forum & Expo?

The Jogja Festivals Forum & Expo (JFFE) is a platform for festival stakeholders to come together and discuss issues and solutions related to festival organization. The forum aims to support Yogyakarta's position as a world-class festival city. JFFE is organized by Jogja Festivals, a strategic platform for the festival ecosystem in Yogyakarta. Festivals are a valuable social activity and a key component of the creative economy. They have a wide-ranging impact on society, economy, infrastructure, education, arts, and culture. The unique character of Yogyakarta's festivals makes them a benchmark and a model for festivals in other regions.

What is Jogja Festivals?

Today, Jogja Festivals has become a forum for more than 70 festivals in Yogyakarta, ones either organically initiated by artists, creative actors, or by the communities, driven by the local government.

As the only strategic platform for the festival ecosystem in Indonesia, Jogja Festivals continues to learn and open itself to various possibilities and opportunities for collaboration and is looking forward to improving the quality of Yogyakarta as a world-class festival city.


Past Event


JFFE 2019 builds the synergy between festivals, festival activists, stakeholders, and the government of the Special District of Yogyakarta. In 2019, JFFE aimed to become the representative space for connecting and presenting the various events in Yogyakarta to Indonesia and International stakeholders.


JFFE 2020 brings the ASEAN Focus to the table.This theme was chosen because since the establishment of ASEAN, Indonesia has actively taken part in various aspects including social, culture, politics, and economy. In cultural fields, the festival activists in Yogyakarta also play an important role as experts in their fields.


The JFFE 2021 aims to serve as a meeting space for various festival stakeholders both from within and outside the Special Region of Yogyakarta to identify problems and solutions for organizing festivals. With the spirit of adapting to new habits during the COVID-19 pandemic, JFFE 2021 is also trying to answer the challenges of the current festival's social and economic situation.